Meet the Cheetah Conservation Fund

CCF2The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is based in the heart of cheetah country, near Otjiwarongo, within the Waterberg Conservancy. CCF is dedicated to the conservation of wild cheetahs by employing a variety of integrated approaches in species conservation strategies. These strategies include teaching human/wildlife conflict resolution; livestock and wildlife management; the predator’s role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem; education and awareness; and biological research.

Namibia prides itself on being the "Cheetah Capital of the World", with over 3,000 individuals living in the north-central and western areas of the country. As 95 percent of Namibia’s cheetah population lives on the same lands as livestock farmers, conflict between the two is very likely to occur.

CCF1Since CCF’s founding in 1990, the organization has had great success working with farmers who live with cheetahs on their land. This has led to two thirds of over 800 cheetahs CCF has worked with being released back into the wild. But there are always orphaned and injured cheetahs unable to make it into the wild, and they stay in a large, peaceful sanctuary at CCF. These cheetahs are part of ongoing research to better understand cheetah biology, physiology and behavior.

Dr. Laurie Marker, American founder and executive director of CCF, described Namibia as the country she identifies with most. “I’m much more Namibian than American. I speak American English, but my heart and soul and investment is in Namibia, and I believe that it is a country that can show the world a lot about natural resource management and living with predators.” Dr Marker is committed to sharing this message internationally, and the world not only listens, it rewards her for her dedication to cheetah conservation.

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