Meet the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management

CoastIn its short lifetime the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (NACOMA) project has entrenched itself in Namibian society to such an extent that it is known nationally and internationally for its awareness-raising and involvement in issues related to coastal management and conservation.

As integral partners in the establishment of the Marine Protected Areas and the Dorob National Park amongst others, NACOMA has progressed in creating a better understanding about the importance of conservation and sustainable utilization of the coastal resources.  It has been diligently working towards achieving all its main objectives as a short-term project in support of the Namibian Government.

SealsNACOMA was launched in March 2006 as part of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, acting on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia. The NACOMA project office with a small staff complement of five is based at Swakopmund. It facilitates and co-ordinates the participation and inputs from various stakeholders, which include the line ministries, regional councils, local authorities, civil society, sectoral stakeholders, and support organizations. It relies on the co-operation of partner projects and utilizes the services and advice of local and international experts and scientists.

During the intensive and extensive policy formulation process with civil society, scientists and government, the following vision was formulated: “We, the Namibian people, want our coastal areas used in a wise manner, so that social, cultural, environmental and economic concerns are carefully balanced with the overall aim of sustainability in mind, and conservation and economic progress going hand in hand in an integrated manner. All our resources should be developed to their full, including our natural and human resources, with fair and transparent access to opportunities for all, now and into the future.”

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