Welcome to Conservation Destination: Namibia

RhinoHappy Earth Day Everyone!

And welcome to Conservation Destination: Namibia.

Namibia is home to the most successful conservation story in Africa. It’s the story of species that were teetering on the edge of extinction thirty years ago, which are now thriving. It's the story of communities saying, “Yes, we will live with wildlife.”

Over the next six weeks you will have a chance to follow the inspirational stories of our conservation heroes who have dedicated their life’s work to conservation of species, habitats and sustainable living. 

Their stories will inspire you to see the world differently and for two lucky people, this will REALLY mean seeing a different world:  Namibia! During this campaign, you can enter our sweepstakes to win a ten-day all-inclusive trip to Namibia, to experience the “Greatest Conservation Story Ever Told,” for yourself.

The winner of our sweepstakes plus a traveling companion will track free roaming rhinos; care for rescued cheetahs; take in the vast array of wildlife on Namibia’s coast and in its deserts; and explore Namibia’s Endless Horizons. 

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