Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Lizzie Shepherd

19th of November 2013 12:43

Capturing the best of Namibia on film can be as challenging as the land itself, but never fails to reward avid photographers. We asked professional photographer Lizzie Shepherd from the UK to share some of the thrills and spills of her latest expedition to Namibia. "Skeleton Coast Dunes" ©   Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia. It probably won’t surprise you to know there we

Visit the Edge of Namibia's Namib Desert

14th of November 2013 02:30

Aus is a small village that can be found in Namibia’s south west. It lies on the B4 national road and is a popular site to visit for travellers exploring the deep south of Namibia or those who are making their way to or from the charming harbour town of Luderitz.   Aus, stark and beautiful. How Aus was founded Aus’ origins can be traced back to July 1915 when German forces surrendered to the South African forces who had been p

Namibia's Sesriem Canyon: Just before the dunes of Soussesvlei

12th of November 2013 05:17

Sesriem is often only thought of as just a gateway to the famous and amazing Sossusvlei, but it is also home to the Sesriem Canyon, a natural gorge carved millions of years ago by the once mighty Tsauchab River. If you are heading into the Namib and you find yourself in the Naukluft National Park of Namibia, you will no doubt hear talk of Sesriem, a small settlement with a filling station and general supplies store close to the southern end of th

Public Holidays in Namibia 2014

11th of November 2013 12:52

Here's a list of the public holidays for 2014: 1 January 2014  Wednesday       New Year's Day 21 March 2014  Friday  Independence Day 18 April 2014  Friday  Good Friday 21 April 2014  Monday  Easter Monday  1 May 2014   Thursday  Workers Day 4 May 2014  Sunday  Cassinga Day 25 May 2014  Sunday  Afr

The Wild Horses of the Namib

7th of November 2013 07:26

The wild horses of Namibia have captured the imaginations of countless authors, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. They can be found in the south west region of Namibia and they are truly a sight to behold. Horses up ahead!(image courtesy of Wild Horses of the Namib) Wild horses: the myths and the truth The wild horses of Namibia have been wrapped in mystery for many years. With various travellers, zoologists and historians trying to trace t

The Living Desert Adventure: The Namib's Hidden Lives

30th of October 2013 12:50

Visitors to Namibia’s coastal region often head to Swakopmund for its stunning dune coast which is flanked by the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Here adventurers can experience the thrill of whizzing down a dune on a sand board or quad biking their way over the sandy peaks. The seemingly hostile and uninhabited Namib Desert High adventure in an ancient desert Swakopmund is known as the adventure capital of Namibia, whilst the aptly named Namib, m

Namibia's 55th Oktoberfest Spectacular!

22nd of October 2013 10:10

Every year for the last 55 years Windhoek celebrates its German heritage in one of the best ways possible: By holding its very own Oktoberfest! The original Oktoberfest has been held in Munich, Germany for over 200 years but when the fest comes to Windhoek you know it’s going to have a uniquely Namibian flavour.   The Oktoberfest in Windhoek is like a little bit of Germany in Namibia.(image courtesy of SKW)   The event aims to celebra

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Greg Whitton

18th of October 2013 09:14

Photography enthusiast Greg Whitton was in Namibia a few months ago, and he took some time to share a few of his photos and experiences with us... 'Sunrise at Vingerklip' Photo by Greg Whitton Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia. I'd like to say it was witnessing sunrise over the dunes of Sossusvlei, or an abrupt encounter with a my first Bull Elephant shortly after entering Etosha, but actually it was the driv

The Desert-Adapted Elephants of Namibia's Kunene Region

16th of October 2013 07:54

Namibia is home to one of two known groups of desert adapted elephants in the world, with the other group being found in Mali. As mentioned in a previous post, there are several desert dwelling large mammals in Namibia’s north-western Kunene region. Read on to find out more about Damaraland’s desert elephants.   A family of elephants traverse the harsh terrain together.(Photo by Michael Poliza) How do they survive? These elephants a

The Amazing Birdlife of Namibia

11th of October 2013 08:07

Namibia is home to 676 of Southern Africa's 887 species and the whole country is littered with endemic and interesting birds. There are many great spots for bird watching in Namibia - here are just three of them to give you a glimpse into birding paradise.  The Zambezi (formally Caprivi) Region The Zambezi or Caprivi Strip can be found in the extreme north east of Namibia and this region alone is home to over 425 species of birds.

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