The Desert-Adapted Rhinos of the Kunene

8th of October 2013 09:23

Namibia has some beautiful environments and one such place is the Kunene region in the North. The region, which is divided into Damaraland and Kaokoland, is mostly desert and semi-desert yet is home to three remarkably large mammals. Specially adapted rhinos, elephants and lions live out their lives in this wind swept and beautifully stark region. Here's more info on the desert adapted black rhinos found in Damaraland and how to catch a

How to Explore Etosha National Park

5th of October 2013 06:50

Etosha National Park spans over 22,270 km2 and is criss-crossed by a network of roads that you can drive on to visit the park’s various watering holes which number more than 30. With a network this vast and with over 114 mammal, 340 bird, and 110 reptile species to see you will need a game plan, and this post is all about helping you figure that out. Follow this link to see what we found using the easy steps in this guide! Begin planning your

Adventure Travel World Summit 2013 Official Song Released

4th of October 2013 06:43

With less than a month to go before 650 International delegates descend on Namibia for the 10th annual Adventure Travel World Summit, Team Destination Namibia is pleased to release the official summit song, !Kgala by Namibian artist, Elemotho. Elemotho.(image courtesy of KV schiffART) The adventure tribe was first introduced to Elemotho when his song was used in the short film, Destination Namibia.  This video was presented at ATWS 2011 in

Etosha: A paradise for wildlife, adventurers & photographers

1st of October 2013 08:47

Namibia’s Etosha national park is located in the northwest of the country and is the largest safari park in Namibia. Self-drive safaris, unique locations and amazing scenery make this park and absolute must for adventure seekers and photographers.  An impala in the bushes, seen from the road. This post will show you what kinds of things you can expect from a visit to Etosha, and later this week we will share our exclusive ‘how to’ gui

Luderitz, Namibia's Extreme Holiday Mecca

27th of September 2013 08:55

Namibia is famed for its many different adventure sports and activities available to tourists and locals like. One of the most popular varieties of adventure sport is kiteboarding. Southern Namibia has a lot of wind, and a lot wide open spaces and beaches, this post will tell you a bit about a little town where you can learn how to take advantage of the wind, sun and water. Luderitz- a town of many surprises. Luderitz: Adventure Sport Hotspot Th

Luderitz- Exploring Namibia's Historic Diamond Town

23rd of September 2013 09:26

The small town of Luderitz is located in the South of Namibia and if you are lucky enough to have some free time on your holiday, then you should definitely go on a tour of it and its surrounds. From quaint old German-style architecture, to beautiful wide-open skies and crystal clear seas with white beaches, Luderitz is a small town with a lot to see. Welcome to Luderitz! Arriving The first great thing about Luderitz is that it has its own airpor

Five Top Spots for Adventure Camping in Namibia

19th of September 2013 12:41

There is nothing quite like camping in the wild. From being able to hear the snuffles and shuffles of local game as they make there way around the wilderness, to waking up in the pristine morning in time for a blazing sunrise, nothing can compare to the open, free feeling of camping in a beautiful country like Namibia. The serenity of camping.(photo source African Exlporations) There are loads of campsites dotted around Namibia, and a lot of thes

Rest Camps in Namibia

16th of September 2013 06:58

Namibia is a very, very big country and driving from each location to amazing location can take hours. As a result of this, many intrepid locals have set up small rest camps along the national roads where travellers can break their long drives and rejuvinate. These lodge-style establishments can be found all over Namibia, and in this post we’re going to tell you what you can expect from a rest camp and where you can find a few of them. Rest ca

Namibia Heritage Week 2013

12th of September 2013 08:10

Namibia has a varied collection of different cultures that live within its borders, and this is a large part of the reason why Namibia is such an incredibly interesting place to visit. From urban centers to national parks the people of Namibia are as varied as its landscapes. Herero Woman So to celebrate the cultural heritage of all Namibians the National Heritage Council Namibia holds an annual Heritage Week across Namibia to showcase the diffe

Visit The Young Artists & Musicians Of Tsumeb Namibia

9th of September 2013 07:52

Next time you're wandering through the north of Namibia or making your way to Etosha National Park, stray off the beaten track and spend some time in the largest town in the Oshikoto region, Tsumeb. This old mining town has some real gems for the traveller willing to do a bit of exploring. Today we take a look at the Tsumeb Arts Performance Center - an inspiring place where young underprivileged musicians and artists

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