Piara Strainge: Why Namibia is My Number One [Guest Blog]

23rd of July 2013 11:50

All photos and Text by guest blogger, Piara Strainge Namibia is a richly captivating destination full of hidden gems and unassuming tourism amidst the holiday hotspots. You can self drive it or join an overland safari, either way the experience will be one you won’t forget in a hurry. From the safari thrills in Etosha to the empty moonscape wilderness of the Skeleton coast, this African country is as beautiful as it is diverse.  On arrival

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Richard Bernabe

11th of July 2013 06:15

Professional photographer Richard Bernabe has set foot in some of the most fascinating destinations on earth. Find out what drew Richard to Namibia, and why he's returning in 2014 with more photographers in tow...   All images © Richard Bernabe   Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia.  There were so many unforgettable experiences that it’s hard to choose only one. However, having not been to Afr

Landscape Escape to Damaraland Namibia

6th of July 2013 05:57

Damaraland demands a certain level of respect. Beautiful, but arid and unforgiving, attractions near this area have names like Burnt Mountain, the Petrified Forest, the Skeleton Coast – all aptly named and an indication of the drama found here.   Occupying a huge, harsh stretch of landscape to the northwest of the country, even the people and wildlife have adapted accordingly.   Desert adapted elephants have specia

The Koës Pan Rally

4th of July 2013 09:56

The Koës Pan is located in the remote and arid South East of Namibia and is home to one of the strangest and most unique DIY motorsports events on the African continent. In the wet months the pan presents amazing opportunities for nature photography but it is in the dry months that this flat pan in the Kalahari gets really wild.   On the first weekend of July every year motoring enthusiasts come together to compete in the Koës Pan Rally. T

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Jan & Jay Roode

28th of June 2013 03:58

Jan & Jay Roode are the husband and wife team behind Skyhawk Photography. These two avid conservationists and adventurers have been taking to the skies to capture the best of Namibia. We caught up with them to find out what makes photographing Namibia such a soul stirring experience. Defiant – An ancient Camel Thorn tree stands defiant to both time and the extreme elements on the blinding white salt pans of the Sossusvlei complex. Photo b

Who’s won a Landscape Escape to Namibia?

21st of June 2013 01:12

After a grueling few weeks of voting, the judges have made their selection from the top 5 entrants. Thanks to everyone who participated, the competition was tight! But we’re pleased to announce that Kevin Read from Canada is going on a landscape escape to Namibia.   Ruth & Kevin Here’s what Kevin had to say:  “I’m going to take my wife, Ruth. We're now 51 years old, with two adult children, one grandchild and another on the

Namib Sand Sea a UNESCO World Heritage Site

21st of June 2013 12:04

We’re proud to announce that on Friday 21 June 2013, UNESCO enlisted the Namib Sand Sea as a World Heritage Site. It is a triumph for not only for Namibian tourism and conservation, but for this beautiful desert that has already dazzled many visitors with its vastness and beauty.    Namib Sea Sand  As UNESCO put it: “Namib Sand Sea (Namibia) is the only coastal desert in the world that includes extensive du

75 nights in Namibia up for grabs with Gondwana & VW

18th of June 2013 01:18

If you love your VW and Namibia, then this is just the competition for you... In Namibia, we love our driving - probably because we have to do so much of it in a country that's as big and empty as ours! So what better way to win a holiday in Namibia than to remember our trusty cars that take us to all four corners of this beautiful land. Celebrate 75 years of Volkswagen and win 75 Gondwana nights by entering the Gondwana Volkswagen Jubilee C

A Bicycle Tour through Katutura

14th of June 2013 11:25

To pass through Windhoek and not experience the bustling life of Katutura is to miss out on what is everyday life for most Namibians living in the capital.   Katutura means “The place where people do not want to live” in Otjiherero, and was Windhoek’s former “blacks only” suburb during Apartheid rule. Today, the township is home to 60 % of the people living in Windhoek, and represents the vibrant soul of the capital.   Travel

What’s Up Windhoek! Discover Hidden Gems in new City Guide

12th of June 2013 04:30

Looking for a Windhoek City Guide? We have just the thing! The Namibia Business Innovation Center (NBIC) has produced a Windhoek City Guide to help you navigate this dynamic capital.     Exploring Windhoek is great fun, it is a safe city and everyone can feel comfortable exploring it on foot. But don’t be surprised if you get out of breath, Windhoek sits in the Khomas Highlands at 1,700 meters above sea level (a great

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