Meet Namibia's Save the Rhino Trust

22nd of April 2012 06:39

In the early 1980s, illegal poaching of black rhinos in the arid north-western regions of Namibia was rife. The population of these rare, solitary creatures had been decimated, leaving an estimated 60 rhinos. The black rhino was in desperate need of help. Faced with the rhino's near-extinction, a trust was formed with the aim of ensuring protection of the remaining rhinos while affording elephant and other wildlife, the chance to recover to sust

Meet the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management

22nd of April 2012 04:15

In its short lifetime the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (NACOMA) project has entrenched itself in Namibian society to such an extent that it is known nationally and internationally for its awareness-raising and involvement in issues related to coastal management and conservation. As integral partners in the establishment of the Marine Protected Areas and the Dorob National Park amongst others, NACOMA has progressed in creating a bett

Welcome to Conservation Destination: Namibia

22nd of April 2012 01:34

Happy Earth Day Everyone! And welcome to Conservation Destination: Namibia. Namibia is home to the most successful conservation story in Africa. It’s the story of species that were teetering on the edge of extinction thirty years ago, which are now thriving. It's the story of communities saying, “Yes, we will live with wildlife.” Over the next six weeks you will have a chance to follow the inspirational stories of our conservation heroes wh

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips by Christopher Rimmer

22nd of April 2012 08:52

It's easy to be captivated by the contrasting and brilliant colours of the Namibian landscape. But professional photographer, Christopher Rimmer, looks at Namibia through a different lens. His black and white portraits, are not only striking, but expose the raw beauty of the people, animals and nature that are his subjects. We spoke to Christopher about why he thinks Namibia is "a photographer's dream". The Dominant Male, Western Etos

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