Catamaran Charters

    Our company operates four modern, well-equipped and luxurious catamarans, of which three are sailing catamarans.
    All catamarans offer on-deck seating, one interior saloon, toilets, cabins and outside but sheltered saloons where snacks are served. The safety of our guests is our prime priority. We make provision for persons with disabilities.
    All tours are led by experienced guides and well-qualified and experienced skippers. The safety of our guests is our prime priority. We do a thorough safety briefing with our guests before they board. Once aboard there is another safety briefing, where safety procedures and the use of life jackets are demonstrated. Our catamarans have all required safety equipment and instruments, and are being surveyed thereon annually in this regard. This is a legal requirement by the Department of Maritime Affairs as prerequisite for the issue of our annual safety certificate. The survey includes checks on the required number of life jackets, all safety and firefighting equipment and the use thereof, life rafts, as well as the functionality of all instruments. Each of our vessels is equipped with radar, so we have situational awareness even in heavy fog conditions with zero visibility. Our vessels are also fitted with Em-Track tracker devices, through which each vessel is tracked at all times.

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