Coastways Tours Lüderitz

    Coastways Tours Lüderitz can offer so much more than your average Tour Guides. The Desert Pioneers and Namibian Government appointed legitimate Concession holder for the following Desert Adventure trips into the 'Forbidden Land'. We provide unique exclusive self catering 4x4 tours into the Namib Desert. We do tours to Saddle Hill, Spencer Bay, Sylvia Hill, Bogenfels and Walvis Bay.In these tours we will take you into the highest dunes in the world, while exploring virgin country with breathtaking scenery.

    Have you ever wanted to view sand-sunken forgotten diamond mines or wake up to a jackals call or just wanted to inspect an untouched shipwreck guarded by seals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can make it happen for you.

    We offer can offer you the following:

    • Self drive guided tours
    • Spectacular scenery
    • Unbelievable 4 x 4 trails
    • Untouched beaches
    • Wildlife in the Desert

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