Hansen's Booking Agency CC

    At Hansens Booking Agency cc we give the client more than what was
    requested by understanding that this is a booking agency and our client
    comes to us to put together services with the help of our suppliers to
    produce unforgetful memories, our client understands that this is a
    one-stop agency where you tell us what you want and we make it happen as
    well as go out to not only give you what you want but to exceed your
    expectations – everytime. We stay competitive by offering a link where
    guests can rate our services on trip advisor as well as via our marketing
    department and will use negative criticism to improve our services.

    We understand that each and every travel / planning need is different. We
    do not only create tours based on the information provided but we help our
    guests to travel using more advisable routes and equip them with
    information needed for each destination i.e when visiting Botswana to note
    to pay a 30US$ per persona t any entrance point for Botswana’s development

    We book:
    - accommodation
    - flights
    - activities
    - car rental
    - scheduled tours whether camping or accommodated whether long or short
    - Private guided tours
    - & Events

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