Khorab Safari Lodge

    The Khorab Lodge is under German - Namibian management. Here we speak German, English and Afrikaans. Our employees are Damara, Herero, Himba and Ovambo.

    We would like to invite you to look into in our daily routine in the management, service and or housekeeping: everywhere you will find our friendly staff members who are willing to assist you. And of course, all our animals belongs to the Khorab-Family, our lady dog Shila and our big cat family (have babies at the moment) who often great our guests upon arrival. Besides of all this, we also have a small farm to run. We have chicken, freely walking around, responsible to supply the kitchen everyday with fresh eggs. We also have a family of happy geese and ducks and as well a small herd of Blessbuck on the farm and lodge premises. During the early morning, one can observe the herd of Blessbuck grazing on the lawn in front of your bungalow. Come and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere.

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