Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Harnas Wildlif Foundation - Farm 418 Gobabis , Drimiopsos District
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Location & Description

Omaheke is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia and lies on the eastern border of Namibia which is the western extension of the Kalahari Desert. The name Omaheke is Herero for Sandveld and it is here, east of Gobabis, where Harnas is situated. Harnas Wildlife Foundation is the longest running wildlife rehabilitation centre in Namibia. Since the establishment of Harnas over 30 years ago, they have developed a very successful international foundation that supports their causes and passion for conservation. Harnas Wildlife Foundation focusses on the establishment and upkeep of safe zones for animals captured or expelled from encroached environments, as well as the rehabilitation and care of sick, injured or abandoned animals. They strive to give animals a second chance at life, by rehabilitating and releasing them back into their natural habitat or caring for the ones that will not survive in the wild. Harnas believes that people and animals are equally entitled to lead a life without negative stress like hunger and pain. Throughout the years, population numbers of animals like lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and other species have plummeted, but with its rehabilitation projects Harnas Wildlife Foundation makes a difference by releasing capable wild animals into safe wildlife parks of Namibia.


The Lapa is the central communal area and is situated on the main lawn where several tame wildlife species roam free. Behind the main area are Chachma Baboon enclosures where guests can watch the baboons going about their daily antics. The restaurant is run by an acclaimed Executive Chef and his team who present guests with exquisite plated meals. The Bar in the front of the Lapa provides guests with a wide selection of snacks, drinks, fine wines and other alcoholic beverages. Towards one side of the Lapa, is the Boma where the great African traditional “braai” is held. The chefs grill a selection of meats over an open fire pit and the dining area surrounds the warmth of the fire underneath the cool night skies. The pool will help to cool down the hot summer days while the fire place in the restaurant help warm the cold nights. The kiosk and reception is also placed at the Lapa for convenient check in`s and purchasing unique Harnas paraphernalia.


The five luxurious Stone Cottages, situated a short distance away from the main lodge are upper market units. Each cottage has a spacious bathroom, mini bar, coffee station, air conditioning and two large ¾ beds acting as a king size. Some of the units have a sleeper couch that can accommodate two children sharing with their parents.

Timbila is a family unit which has an extra room with four single beds and a cot. It also has a beautiful bathroom, mini bar, coffee station, air conditioning and two large ¾ beds acting as a king size in the main room.

Caso & Lueki are two standard units equipped with mini bar, coffee station, air conditioning and two large ¾ beds acting as a king size. (Both units will soon be converted into family units and available for bookings by the 1st of December 2014)

Three standard Igloo Units each with individual bathroom, mini bar, coffee station, air conditioning and two ¾ beds acting as a king size; are ideal for guest who prefer a more rustic experience. These units are surrounded by a low wall with a small garden for extra privacy.

The six Camping sites each have an electrical outlet, braai with grid, water point, outside shower and private washing up area. The communal space offers a basic kitchen with washing up facilities, showers and flush toilets.

No tents, fridge, or other camping equipment is supplied by Harnas. Fire wood can be purchased on the premises.


Morning Feeding Tour

On the morning feeding tour you will hear about the history, facts and stories on our big cats, wild dogs, baboons etc. The drive is conducted in an open game drive vehicle ensuring impeccable views during the feeding tour. You will witness the beastly grip of a lion grabbing a chunk of meat in mid-air as well as the immense power of a leopard leaping up a tree for his meal.The amazing sounds and behaviour of the endangered wild dog will leave a lasting impression on you before seeing the agile and graceful cheetah. One of the highlights of this tour is watching the baboons feed. Large and small baboons scramble around like naughty school kids while grabbing food from each other and stuffing their faces with as much as the can eat!

The tour starts at 09h00 and continues for about 3 ½ hours.

Afternoon Tour

On the afternoon tour you will have the opportunity to experience Harnas on a more personal level. Learn more about the history, nursery, care facility and feel the heartbeat of Harnas. Your guide will accompany you to view amazing animals like the meerkats, mongoose, brown hyena, vervet monkeys, cheetahs and many more animals with amazing life stories. The tour will also cover the church, volunteer village and many more intimate Harnas sights. The tour starts at the Lapa at 15h00 during winter time and 15h30 during summer and the duration is +/-2 hours.

Lion Roar Sundowner

Hear the thrilling battle of the lions roaring and competing for the loudest and strongest position on Harnas while having a sundowner!

The tour departs around 17h00 during winter time and 19h00 during summer time, depending on the sunset time, and the duration is about 1 ½ hours.

Radio Tracking in the Lifeline Area

Help with the adventurous search of released cheetahs wearing radio collars in our lifeline area by learning how to use a telemetry device.

This activity will depart the lodge at 09h00 and returns around 12h00.


We welcome all families - The lodge environment is relatively safe and children are welcome to enjoy a swim in the pool or play around the large lawn. Parents are however responsible for their own children`s safety and supervision at all times, especially while participating on activities.


Children between 0 – 3 years are free of charge sharing with parents

Children between 4 – 12 years pay half price while sharing with parents

Children from 13 and older pay the full rate

Harnas Wildlife Foundation