Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris

Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris

Fram Gross Omaruru No. 20, Outjo District, Kunene Namibia
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At Leopard Legend our main aim is to ensure a successful safari full of memorable experiences created by our well knowledge team of professionals.

It is not only the adventure that creates a successful Safari, it is the people you are surrounded with, the smells of the African wilderness, the haul of Jackals at night, the tastes and smells of different foods or being so close to a Leopard that you can almost feel its breath on you.

These are just a few of the memories that we would create for you, your family and friends.

It is not just a Hunt being offered but an unforgettable adventure and experience at Leopard Legend Hunting Safari.

At Leopard Legend Hunting Safari we will turn your African dream into a Legendary reality.

Julene and L’wyk would like to welcome you to their Hunting Safari to become not friends, but lifelong friends.

Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris