Sebra Hunting Safaris

Sebra Hunting Safaris

Farm Sebra No 264, Outjo District Namibia
+264 812275604

Good hunting safaris are made of fond memories and quality trophies. That is what we strive to give our hunters.

Sebra Hunting Safaris brings an African hunting safari within your reach!

This small outfit, catering for only one group at a time, is run by Jan du Plessis, his wife Mariesje and their handpicked staff.

A limited number of groups per year makes it possible to pay attention to the smallest detail.

Adapting hunting techniques to the abilities of hunters, people of all ages and capabilities can be accomodated. Most of hunting is done, however, on the “walk and stalk” or “spot and stalk” methods.

For hunting vehicles, two Mercedes Unimogs are used. These all-terrain vehicles can go where few others can - making retrieving your trophy animals in rough places much easier (For some an adventure on its own!).

Their well trained staff will ensure that you and your trophies are taken good care of.

All their equipment is kept in good, working condition.

Sebra Hunting Safaris