Unique Tours & Safaris

Unique Tours & Safaris

27 Ugab Street, Swakopmund Namibia
+264 64406313
+264 64406313

Based in Namibia's most sought after holiday resort Swakopmund, Unique Tours & Safaris offers tailor made self-drive, guided, camping, fly-in and special interest safaris throughout Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and parts of Zambia.

While living in Europe, the company's owner, Heike, saw her beautiful home country through the eyes of a tourist and thus developed a concept to assist visitors in experiencing Namibia in a similar unique way.

Our knowledge and passion make Unique Tours & Safaris an ideal partner for adventurers, families and nature lovers. We create your African holidays according to your individual wishes and budget.

For the traveler who want to explore Namibia with a smaller budget or just for a short trip to gather first impressions Unique Tours & Safaris offers a Shoestring Tour as well as Tribal Tour which can be found, together with other sample itineraries, on our website under www.unique-tours-safaris.com

Unique Tours & Safaris

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