Wild At Heart Safaris

Wild At Heart Safaris

5 Pelican Street, Swakopmund Namibia
+264 64403701
+264 64403701

Wild At Heart was proudly established in Namibia, by Namibians, so that all the world could see and experience her. As all our members are conservationists (with over 30 years combined experience in this field), we wish to share our beautiful country with you. But there is a twist in the tale: We pledge to show you a different side, something you have never witnessed before... using our experiences of having worked in National Parks as a baseline for all our tours.

Wild at Heart was borne from a dream... a dream called Africa. It is our wish, our desire, to show you the uniqueness of this untamed continent. We will take you to places where others dare not go; we will take you by the hand and together we will explore the horizon for treasures hidden . Namibia has taught us well and we want to share our love and commitment for conservation with you.

Wild At Heart Safaris

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