Okavillage Camping

Okavillage Camping

B1 and Hochfeld Road, Okahandja District Namibia
+264 811240620

The village is situated on a beautiful northern district of Okahandja, located on a large plot, 10 km outside the town of Okahandja, on the Okahandja/Otjiwarongo highway (corner of B1/Hochfeld road).

The village consists of traditional homesteads from 7 of Namibia’s cultural groups and offers braai and potjie-making facilities and a camping site. Traditional huts and homesteads of the Damara, Tswana, Caprivi, Himba, Herero, Owambo, and San are spread over a large piece of land.
The village invites communities to perform traditional dances as well as to make traditional artefacts for display and sell these for their own benefit.Okahandja Cultural Village aims at promoting, teaching and preserving the rich Namibian cultural heritage.
The village is also ideal for the general education of all Namibians

Okavillage Camping

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