Outapi B&B and Outapi War Museum

Outapi B&B and Outapi War Museum

Outapi, Namibia
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Outapi B&B and the Outapi War Museum are both located along the Outapi-Tsandi main road in Outapi, next to the Outapi Baobab Tree Heritage Centre.

Outapi B&B offers eight luxury apartments and ten sites for tent campers. They also have a 20m tower to give you full coverage of the entire Outapi town, as well as a beautiful sunset view - ideal for photographers. Rooms are comfortable and offers a luxurious environment for visitors to relax - especially those travelling long distances. Outapi B&B also has very neat self-catering- and ablution facilities available.

Outapi War Museum:

Outapi War Museum is located underground in the former operational South African Regime Amy Base situated in Outapi. Previously known as the "Ohatopi" base. Then typical of the many smaller SADF posts along the Namibian border with Angola. The base was built in 1975 and became home to thousands of South African conscripts stationed on the border during the Bush war also known as the War of Liberation which lasted from 1966 until 1989, a total of 23 years, making it one of Africa's longest conflicts.

The base was attacked on numerous occasions by PLAN, the armed wing of SWAPO. The base was finally abandoned by the SADF in 1989 upon the implementation of resolution 435. The base stood empty and vandalized for many years. Many of the structures destroyed in time and with commercial development of the land. Taking into consideration the fact that most of the former South African Regime Amy structures demolished, therefore Outapi War Museum developed an interest of the society to keep the said structure for historical purposes, as a result the museum become very unique in our country.

The Museum is a multi functional whereby the Tourisms and Historical Information are the major activities. The newly structure designed to cater for, A conference hall, internet café, Bed and breakfast (accommodation), refreshment area with a restaurant, a gymnasium with a swimming pool, War Material display Section, the idea is to display such Artifacts, badges, posters, photographs, personal and news, we plan to lend kasspirs, artillery, anti aircraft guns and weapons used.

Outapi B&B and Outapi War Museum