Fast Facts

More About Namibia:



Namibia covers 824,292 sq km (318,259 sq mi).


Situated on the southwestern coast of Africa, Namibia borders Angola and Zambia in the north, South Africa in the south and Botswana in the east.


Slightly more than 2.2 million.

Capital City:



\"\"Official Name:

Republic of Namibia

Date of Independence:

21 March 1990

System of Government:

Multi-party Democracy

Head of State:

President Hifikepunye Pohamba since 2005.

Prime Minister:

Nahas Angula since 2005.


\"\"English, German, Afrikaans, Bantu and Khoisan

The current literacy rate in Namibia is about 83%, one of the highest in Africa.Literacy:


Freedom of religion was adopted through Namibia\'s Bill of Fundamental Rights. About 90% of the population is Christian.

Good to Know

Currency: The Namibia Dollar (N$):

The Namibia Dollar and South African Rand are the only legal tender in Namibia and can be used freely to purchase goods and services.

Time Zones:

Summer time: GMT + 2 hours from the 1st Sunday in September to the 1st Sunday in April. Winter time: GMT + 1 hour from the 1st Sunday in April to the 1st Sunday in September.



220 volts AC, 50hz. Outlets are of the round three-pin type.